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3.4.1 Incremental update of VASP/VAMP

Connect to the server and get the newest "vasp.X.X.tar.gz" file. Uncompress the *.Z of *.z files using uncompress or gunzip. Untar the vasp.*.tar file using

 tar -xvf vasp.X.X.tar
Mind: Make sure that you have renamed the old "vasp.X.X" directory to vasp (or a different name), so that the files are not overwritten by the new version.

Go back to the old "vasp" directory and copy from vasp.X.X the upddiff file. Than type

enter the appropriated information (i.e. the directory, where the newest vasp.X.X version created by the untar command resides). Using upddiff only files which have changed since the last release are updated and require an re-compilation. Do not forget to cp the new makefile.machine to makefile.

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