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3.5 Precompiler flags, file overview

To support different machines and different version vasp relies heavily on the C-precompiler (cpp). The cpp is used to create *.f files from the *.F files. Several flags can be passed to the cpp to generate different versions of the *.f files: Following flags are currently supported:

single_precission     single precession BLAS/LAPACK calls
 (single_BLAS         for VASP.4)
vector                compile vector version
essl                  use ESSL call sequence for DSYGV
NGXhalf               charge density   reduced in X direction
NGZhalf               charge density   reduced in Z direction
wNGXhalf              gamma point only reduced in X direction
wNGZhalf              gamma point only reduced in Z direction
NOZTRMM               do not use ZTRMM
REAL_to_DBLE          change REAL(X) to DBLE(X)
VASP.4 only:
debug                 gives more information during run
noSTOPCAR             do not re-read STOPCAR file
F90_T3D               compile for T3D
MPI                   parallel version 
MPI_CHAIN             serial version with nudged chain support
scaLAPACK             use scaLAPACK (parallel version only)
T3D_SMA               use shmem communication on T3D instead of MPI 
MY_TINY               required accuracy in symmetry package
These flags are usually defined in the makefile in the cpp line with

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