PDF-Files of the talks and hands-on sessions
SESSION 1: Introduction to Computational Materials Science
SESSION 2: Introduction to DFT
SESSION 3: Pseudopotentials I
Hands-on Session 1 Example Files (.tgz)
SESSION 4: Pseudopotentials II
SESSION 5: Sampling the Brillouin zone
Hands-on Session 2 Example Files (.tgz)
SESSION 6: Ionic relaxation methods
SESSION 7: Electronic relaxation methods
SESSION 8: Computational Platforms
SESSION 9: Running VASP from MedeA
Hands-on Session 3 Example Files (.tgz)
SESSION 10: Accuracy and Validation of results
SESSION 11: Pseudopotential Data Base
SESSION 12: DFT in depth
SESSION 13: Unpaired electrons in DFT
Hands-on Session 4 Example Files (.tgz)