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N.B. This document is no longer maintained, please visit our wiki.

CHG file

This file contains the lattice vectors, atomic coordinates and the total charge density multiplied by the volume $ \rho(r)* V_{\rm cell}$ on the fine FFT-grid (NG(X,Y,Z)F) at every tenth MD step i.e.

where NSTEP starts from 1. To save disc space less digits are written to the file CHG than to CHGCAR. The file can be used to provide data for visualization programs for instance IBM data explorer. (For the IBM data explorer, a tool exists to convert the CHG file to a valid data explorer file). It is possible to avoid that the CHG file is written out by setting
in the INCAR file (see section 6.52). The data arrangement of the CHG file is similar to that of the CHGCAR file (see section 5.10), with the exception of the PAW one centre occupancies, which are missing on the CHG file.

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