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N.B. This document is no longer maintained, please visit our wiki.

Files used by VASP

VASP uses a relatively large number of input and output files:

INCAR       in      **
STOPCAR     in
stout       out
POTCAR      in      **
KPOINTS     in      **
IBZKPT      out
POSCAR      in      **
CONTCAR     out
EXHCAR      in (should not be used in VASP.3.2 and VASP.4.x)
CHGCAR      in/out
CHG         out
WAVECAR     in/out
TMPCAR      in/out
DOSCAR      out
PROCAR      out
OSZICAR     out
PCDAT       out
XDATCAR     out
LOCPOT      out
ELFCAR      out
PROOUT      out
A short description of theses files will be given in the next section. Important input files - required for all calculations - are marked with stars in the list, please check description and contents of these files first.


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