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N.B. This document is no longer maintained, please visit our wiki.

Hydrogen pseudopotential

Reference Konfiguration: $ s^1 p^0$

   LULTRA =        T    use ultrasoft PP ?

   RCORE  =      0.65   local potential
   RWIGS  =    1.000    wigner-seitz radius

     l     E      TYP  RCUT    TYP  RCUT
     0   .000      7  0.800    23  1.250
     0  -.700      7  0.800    23  1.250
     1  -.250      7  0.800    23  1.250
s and p are US, local potential is the truncated AE-potential. Only one projector is sufficient for the unimportant p-PP.

Comment: Some people consider H-pseudopotentials as a nonsense. Nevertheless this PP gives excellent description of the bond length for the H$ _2$ dimer, and for H on C surfaces, and it requires only 200 eV.

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