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N.B. This document is no longer maintained, please visit our wiki.

Restrictions in VASP.4.X and restrictions due to parallelization

In most respects VASP.4.X should behave like VASP.3.2. However in VASP.4.4, IALGO=48 was redesigned to work more reliable in problematic cases. Therefore the iteration history might not be directly comparable. VASP.4.X also subtracts the atomic energies in each iteration, VASP.3.2 does not. Once again this means that the energies written in each electronic step are not comparable.

The parallel version (i.e. if VASP is compiled with the MPI flag) has some further restriction, some of them might be removed in the future:

Here is a list of features not supported by VASP.4.4 running on a parallel machine:

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